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Trusted, innovative solutions in support of defense and security, applying smart technologies and agile development to deliver exceptional satellite buses, platforms and systems.​









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Redefining the standards of performance in small satellites to empower critical missions in defense and security.

Focusing a wealth of government and commercial experience on innovative patented designs, agile development and rapid deployment.

Our smart bus and platform products are driving the transition of key Space infrastructure to smallsat-based solutions:

LeonessTM SQ - 4Web.jpg

Low Cost,

Rapid Deployment,

Trusted Autonomy

in Mission Solutions

designed to operate in

Contested Space.



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Leoness Smart Spacecraft Bus

Named after her natural ancestor, the lioness, she uses her powerful hunting skills and keen eyesight to perform Space Domain Awareness missions, such as to locate and catalogue damage and debris in the LEO and VLEO belts.

Our Leoness Smart Bus incorporates unique features that address the challenges of Contested Space, including:

Power Battery iStock-1312251918.png

Resilient Power Systems

Strengthening mission endurance through use of zero-volt tolerant battery technology and associated architectures, allowing rapid deployment, on-orbit restart from fully drained batteries, and effective anti-brownout measures.


AI-Powered Resilient and Deceptive Communications

Addressing the challenge of fighting satcom/PNT resilience for small satellites, incorporating anti-jamming and deception techniques, anti-jam GPS and resistant to cyber-threats.


On Board Analytics

With over a TFLOP of computing power, the On-Board Computer System (OBCS) executes complex AI/ML apps, including on-board ML training.  These apps interact to form a virtualized environment providing secure access to all data and spacecraft subsystems.

AudaxSR icons_edited.png

High Capability Propulsion

With high-thrust, high-Delta-V chemical propulsion Leoness supports missions including Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO) and rapid avoidance maneuvering.

SSA Space Domain Awareness 180517-F-O3755-001.jpeg

Space Domain Awareness

SSA Space Domain Awareness 180517-F-O3755-001.jpeg

VLEO Missions

Products AudaxSR

Earth Observation

Audax SR    ISR Platform

Sample Image - Port.png
Patent Cover Clean_edited.jpg
  1. Super Resolution on a Micro-satellite

  2. Optimized aperture to maximize light-gathering

  3. Proprietary optical path design to allow multispectral data gathering

Patented Design

  • The Audax SR platform is named for the Aquila Audax or “bold” Wedge-Tailed Eagle

  • Soaring at great heights for extended periods, its keen eyesight and spectral reach are able to discern details at twice the resolution - super resolution - of human vision

  • Audax SR is designed for rapid deployment in LEO and VLEO constellations, providing near real-time AI-driven processing and Trusted Autonomy for missions in defense and security


  • Audax SR is a product of our proprietary sub-meter resolution imaging payload

  • It incorporates the benefits of Hera Systems’ smart bus technologies

  • 16U CubeSat delivers a level of performance and sophistication associated with much larger spacecraft

  • Multiple patents cornerstone its innovative optical design and techniques unique in a commercial Space platform

  • Incorporates ultra-stable pointing accuracy, proprietary optical design, flexible propulsion, massive on-board processing capabilities and multiple communications options.

Key Features:

Prop Patent Optics +.png

Proprietary Imaging Payload

Audax SR is a highly-customizable ISR platform for use in VLEO and LEO constellations, offering ultra high resolution (50cm) imagery and video with rapid revisit (10-minutes) over specific regional areas of interest.  Its use of proprietary super-resolution, a patented aperture and optical path design supporting up to 8 multispectral bands, results in the highest imaging performance available in a 16U SmallSat form factor.


AI-Powered Smart Bus

Our patented design incorporates on-board AI processing techniques, and flexible communication modes to provide near real-time intelligence alerts directly to the warfighter.  Hera Systems spacecraft uniquely operate through Contested Space to support future LEO constellations.

AudaxSR icons_edited.png

High Capability Propulsion

With high-thrust, high-Delta-V chemical propulsion Audax SR has VLEO-enhanced imagery resolution and rapid impact avoidance maneuvering.

Icon HRC Persistent Constellation.png

Resilient Persistent Constellation with Trusted Autonomy

Audax SR constellations can be securely re-programmed in orbit to support mission-specific operating and reporting requirements, empowering timely operational decisions in support of defense and security.  Our low-cost platform provides maximum capability and responsiveness, is prepared for Contested Space, and is designed for rapid deployment in smart constellations.

On Board, Dynamic, Mission-Defined Analytics

With over a TFLOP of computing power, the On-Board Computer System (OBCS) executes complex AI/ML apps, including on-board ML training.  These apps interact to form a virtualized environment providing secure access to all data and spacecraft subsystems.

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VO Launcher ONE separation.png

Premium Dedicated Launch Services

Virgin Orbit

Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne system combines proven technology with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to offer the ideal premium dedicated launch services for Hera Systems' advanced satellite platforms and constellations.

In a Meeting

Team with
Hera Systems to deliver !

We work with best-in-class business partners to deliver the highest performance solutions to our customers.

BlackLynx logo.png

Leading Compute Partner


BlackLynx state-of-the art computing technologies contribute integrated pointing, navigation and control for our solutions. 

BlackLynx provides precision in-plane and out-of-plane orbit maneuver design, modeling and operations testing.

Aerojet Rocketdyne SmallSat Propulsion.png

Propulsion Heritage

Aerojet Rocketdyne

We work with Aerojet Rocketdyne to apply its modular propulsion systems to our spacecraft designs.

Their unique heritage in Space propulsion provides the high performance agility, long-term orbit maintenance, and high delta-V to the specifications of our customers.

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 10.28.17 PM.png

Mission Operations

L2 Solutions

L2 Solutions, with extensive experience in SmallSat mission planning, on orbit services, and proximity operations, provides support for RPO mission planning and proximity operations (classified and unclassified).

BAE Systems partners.png

Mission Specific

GEOINT Solutions

BAE Systems

Hera Systems works with BAE Systems to incorporate advanced support for mission-specific geospatial intelligence into its onboard and ground-based solutions, including integration with BAE Systems best-in-class GXP software systems.



United States Space Force


Domain Awareness Solutions

U.S. Space Force




VO Launcher ONE separation_edited.jpg

Integrated Mission Solutions


NGA logo.png

Imagery & GEOINT Solutions


Seguritech SC_edited.jpg
Seguritech SC_edited_edited.jpg

Integrated Security Solutions




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