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Hera Systems is a satellite information and analytics company that collects images of the Earth, enabling commercial and government organizations to monitor change and make smart decisions about our planet’s constantly changing features and emerging situations across the globe, in near-real time.

After extensive field and lab testing of our proprietary subsystems, we have completed Assembly Integration and Testing of our 1HOPSat Technology Demonstrator (1HOPSat-TD) in preparation for our launch in December 2019.  We are deploying imaging capabilities in a powerful edge analytics platform capturing sub-meter resolution imagery and video of the Earth, empowering near real-time intelligent analytics and derived information products. It is our intent to develop a constellation of 50 satellites in order to provide very high-cadence imagery collection – multiple times per hour – over specific regions of interest.

The industry has a large appetite for immediately accessible, on-demand tasked imagery. Hera Systems will be the only single source of fresh, up-to-the minute, universally accessible, affordable, high-resolution information about any location on the globe. Combining all of these capabilities into a single package, we are uniquely positioned to meet a real and growing market need for these products and services.




At Hera Systems, we pack big performance into a very small package. Our sub-meter resolution imaging microsatellite is built on a 12U cubesat, 22-kilogram form factor that uniquely packs loads of functionality in terms of positioning accuracy, edge analytics and related image processing power, propulsion and other capabilities.
Previously, much larger satellites were required to design so much performance – superior optical design, innovative sensor, scalable constellation, and broad technical functionality – in a single system.


Hera Systems is developing a constellation of high-performance micro-satellites that will deliver high-revisit, high-resolution imagery and video as well as intelligent analytics and derived information products.  Our products will enable government and commercial enterprise customers to better monitor the ever-changing features of the Earth’s surface and emerging situations that influence the environment, the economy and our nation’s security, and make smarter day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute operational decisions.



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