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The single source of fresh, universally accessible, affordable, high-resolution information about any location on the globe.

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A World of Information℠

The single source of fresh, universally accessible, affordable, high-resolution information about any location on the globe.

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Cutting-Edge Combination

Universal Access

Hera Systems’ offerings will be easily accessible “self-service” style on a variety of secure platforms including mobile apps, desktop and API, from satellite tasking through delivery of imagery, analytics and derived information products.

High-Resolution Imagery & Video

Detailed views of eight-band imagery and full-frame video captured at sub-meter resolution form the basis for accurate and timely information services supporting operational decision making.

Big Performance, Affordably

The system packs deep functionality and features into a small package at a fraction of the cost of traditional satellites, allowing us to deliver high value at a low cost.


Fresh, Intelligent Data

High refresh rates from our growing constellation will enable hourly change monitoring and smart decision making about any global location.


Hera Systems is a satellite information and analytics company that collects images of the Earth, enabling commercial and government organizations to monitor change and make smart decisions about our planet’s constantly changing features and emerging situations across the globe, in near-real time.

We are completing initial field and lab testing of key proprietary subsystems prior to conducting a high-altitude airborne testing program later in 2018, This will be following by initial launches beginning in 2019, deploying imaging capabilities in a powerful edge analytics platform capturing sub-meter resolution imagery and video of the Earth, empowering near real-time intelligent analytics and derived information products – and make them available on demand through a simplified user interface. It is our intent to develop a constellation of 50 satellites in order to provide very high cadence imagery collection – multiple times per hour – over specific regions of interest.

The industry has a large appetite for immediately accessible, self-serve, on-demand tasked imagery that does not exist today. Hera Systems will be the only single source of fresh, up-to-the minute, universally accessible, affordable, high-resolution information about any location on the globe. Combining all of these capabilities into a single package, we are uniquely positioned to meet a real and growing market need for these products and services.


Hera Systems was founded in 2013 in San Jose, California. While we are a new market entrant, we have deep technical expertise, leadership and experience in this industry. Since its inception, Hera Systems has gleaned much about what is working and what is not, by engaging in conversations and soliciting feedback from customers, developers, vendors and others about their experiences over the course of the 17 years since commercial high-resolution imaging satellites were first introduced to the marketplace.

We are actively applying our knowledge and lessons learned in this industry to the way we work each day. Our agility and leanness uniquely position us to design and implement our own operational specifications, and further give us flexibility to develop strategic partnerships that facilitate delivery of products and services customers need and want.

As a young innovative company, we have focused on refining our spacecraft design and capabilities, and the architecture for our secure data cloud and supporting web services equipping us for the next development phases leading us to a multiple testing phases during 2018 followed by initial launches during 2019.


Products & Services

In the coming months, Hera Systems will begin launching a constellation of high-performance micro-satellites that will deliver fresh, daily, high-resolution imagery and video as well as intelligent analytics and derived information products. Our products for enterprises will be made available “self-service” style via our GeoSnap™ app which is supported on a variety of platforms (including mobile devices, smart phones and tablets), delivered in a variety of formats and imaging modes, and configured according to customers’ specific technical data needs. For example, some customers may only need raw data; others will need and expect fully processed, corrected, intelligent information that can immediately be put to use for a variety of applications and decision-making needs. Our satellite system will be scalable; as customers’ needs grow and evolve, so will the availability and functionality of the satellites. Hera Systems’ products will enable government and commercial enterprise customers to better monitor the ever-changing features of the Earth’s surface and emerging situations that influence the environment, the economy and our nation’s security, and make smarter day-to-day, operational decisions.


At Hera Systems, we pack big performance into a very small package. Our sub-meter resolution imaging microsatellite is built on a 12U cubesat, 22-kilogram form factor that uniquely packs loads of functionality in terms of positioning accuracy, edge analytics and related image processing power, propulsion and other capabilities.

Previously, much larger satellites were required to design so much performance – superior optical design, innovative sensor, scalable constellation, and broad technical functionality – in a single system.

Because of our system’s small format, we are able to reduce launch costs while increasing launch flexibility – and we will pass along the benefit of lower costs to customers.

Value + Benefit

What Customers Need

Hera Systems’ customers are looking for intelligent information that enables them to:


1) Monitor the ever-changing features of the Earth’s surface and emerging situations that influence the environment, the economy and our nation’s security, and


2) Make smarter day-to-day operational decisions, in order to provide better services to their own customers.

All the Advantages in One

Today, the combination of affordable, easy-to-access, full-color, freshly updated images and video is simply not available from a single source. Customers who are seeking all of these advantages must seek out multiple providers. Hera Systems has designed its imaging constellation and supporting systems to address the vast majority of applications of satellite-based imaging and information needs, so that customers need not sift through multiple options.


We have assembled a team of professionals with deep expertise and over 200 years of combined experience in aerospace and related technology industries. No other organization in today’s satellite information and intelligence services marketplace can claim such a concentration of experts, knowledge, capabilities and vision in a single location and in an effective, agile, small team environment. The founding team members each have a minimum of 25 years’ experience in related aerospace, technology and engineering fields. Read the team leadership biographies.

Bobby Machinski

Founder and Chief Business Development Officer

Bobby Machinski’s career is rooted in aerospace and Department of Defense contractor programs. Read More >

Dave Squires

VP Space Systems

Dave Squires has a base in NASA program engineering, technology assessment, and full mission lifecycle. Read More >

Satish Chetty

VP Software Systems

Satish Chetty’s expertise lies in software engineering, large integrated database systems, and sensor networks. Read More >

Jolyon Thurgood

VP Corporate Development and Marketing

Joe Thurgood’s passion for mapping and geospatial technologies merges with business and marketing strategy. Read More >


Business & Market Alliances

Partnerships will play a central role in Hera Systems’ ability to succeed. The company is actively seeking business and market alliances with a number of companies, including those with the best-developed channels for distributing its products, those with existing and pending contracts, and those that are already operating in Hera Systems’ priority vertical markets. We invite interested prospective partners to get in touch with us today!

Future Vertical Markets

Longer term, in the vertical markets, we will partner with companies with existing distribution channels or intellectual property in new, untested markets – such as marine traffic, navigation, and infrastructure security.


Earlier in 2015, Hera Systems completed its Series A round of investment funding, with Firsthand Technology Value Fund (Nasdaq: SVVC) as the lead investor. The funding has allowed us to complete the development of a mockup satellite that demonstrates our technology, purchase components for the construction of the initial satellites, and make initial commitments to launch opportunities.

With the next round of funding, we will be able to continue in the development of our systems and software, including rounding out the initial satellite constellation, supporting operations including a ground station network, and systems development that incorporates secure cloud architecture and API, maintenance and other required systems. Hera Systems is committed to set new standards for the widespread use of and universal access to satellite-based information services through advanced earth observation and communication systems.  If you would like to participate with us on this venture, please contact us.


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At Hera Systems, we are designing and building the next generation of earth information systems, based on advanced and innovative aerospace, imaging and communication technologies.  Our solutions and services address a range of challenges facing our world: those concerned with reliable energy, food supply, security, infrastructure development and operation, and management of our natural resources and the environment.

We have built a world-class team of technologists, engineers and business professionals, all focused on setting a new standard for timely information services and derived earth analytics. If our work and vision call out to you, and if you are interested in joining a growing, exciting workplace, please email your resume to us and tell us how your skills and experience would contribute to the Hera Systems team. We will be posting open positions shortly.

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