Meet the Team

Bobby Machinski

Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

Bobby co-founded Hera Systems in 2013, and today serves as the company’s Chief Business Development Officer. Bobby’s role as a leader and manager is rooted in more than two decades of engineering and contract management experience, and is complemented by his strengths building and nurturing business relationships, developing and implementing organizational strategies, managing operations and company resources, and serving as a communication conduit with primary stakeholders.

Bobby is the founder and former CEO of MACH-T3 Engineering. He founded MACH-T3 in 2002 as a small engineering firm specializing in large-scale projects to suit the needs of the U.S. Department of Defense and aerospace contracting agencies.

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David D. Squires

Vice President, Space Systems

Dave is a Hera Systems co-founder and serves as vice president of space systems. He leads the development of the company’s expert technical team, which is focused on providing rapid development of best-in-class, affordable and reliable spacecraft, payloads and infrastructure systems. Dave guides innovations in spacecraft, payloads, user products and mission operation systems and, applying his long experience with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other small satellite projects, ensures that the systems meet requirements for performance, quality, reliability and safety – at reasonable cost.

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Satish Chetty

Vice President, Software Engineering

Satish is a co-founder of Hera Systems and is vice president of software engineering. His group collaborates, defines, designs, builds, tests, deploys and maintains flight software, mission operations software and cloud solutions. His group also works closely with Hera Systems’ flight hardware teams, mission operations teams, and sales and marketing teams.

In his role as vice president, Satish is responsible for all phases of software development, including that of software platform architectures, technical strategies and roadmaps, as well as engineering related to flight software, ground systems, mission operations and Hera Cloud, a secure, customer-facing geographic information systems platform.

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Jolyon D. Thurgood, Ph.D.

Vice President, Corporate Development and Marketing

As vice president of corporate development and marketing for Hera Systems, Joe is responsible for business development and marketing strategies in preparation for the launch of Hera Systems’ satellite constellation.

With a lifelong passion for mapping and geospatial technologies, Joe brings to Hera Systems more than two decades of direct experience working in the field of high-resolution commercial satellite imaging. He has a strong technical foundation in imaging research and software development, with a career that has largely focused on the commercial and operational aspects of the business.

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