Satish Chetty

Vice President, Software Engineering

Satish is a co-founder of Hera Systems and is vice president of software engineering. His group collaborates, defines, designs, builds, tests, deploys and maintains flight software, mission operations software and cloud solutions. His group also works closely with Hera Systems’ flight hardware teams, mission operations teams, and sales and marketing teams.

In his role as vice president, Satish is responsible for all phases of software development, including that of software platform architectures, technical strategies and roadmaps, as well as engineering related to flight software, ground systems, mission operations and Hera Cloud, a secure, customer-facing geographic information systems platform. In addition, Satish manages the software engineering team’s hiring, development of career growth plans and succession planning.

Satish has deep experience designing and developing complex, real-time engineering products and data management solutions in embedded systems, information technology infrastructure and security solutions. Prior to co-founding Hera Systems, Satish served as director of technology for PERI Software Solutions. There, he managed multiple global engineering groups and was responsible for research and development, design, development, implementation and deployment of sophisticated enterprise-level engineering products covering hardware, software and production engineering. He also worked at Netscape, AOL, Sun Microsystems and Red Hat and has been a consultant on several related projects.

He was responsible for the development of GridMax, an end-to-end smart grid product suite; iSystem’s subscription-based VoIP service for international call centers; and iFleet, a field survey and capital asset tracking system for government agencies. Satish established an advanced new system architecture technology group responsible for creating hardware and software designs, and evaluating software elements, software development, testing, support and vendor procurement processes. He has experience rebuilding corporate data centers and network infrastructure, and frequently participates in customer marketing and trade show outreach.

In 2004 Satish established Beyond 66 Solutions LLC, through which he provided design, construction, consulting, and hardware and software solutions enabling deployment of products and research equipment in extreme environmental conditions, even at latitudes beyond 66 degrees. Satish co-authored “Preserving and Rebuilding Reflective Ice,” which he presented at the 2014 American Geo Physical Union. He also authored papers on several topics at Polar Technology Conference from 2004 to 2014, and contributed to “Sensor System Tests Efforts to Artificially Boost Polar Ice Formation, Albedo,” which was published in Environmental Monitor. He has also received many awards for his work at Netscape, AOL, Sun Microsystems and Red Hat.

Satish earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical and electronics engineering and a Master of Science in information systems.

Having grown up in Madras, India, Satish moved to Washington, DC to pursue his master’s degree. He later settled in the Bay Area for a position with Netscape. California has been his home since then – though he has relocated for short-term assignments to Australia, Singapore, China and India.

In his spare time, Satish is actively involved in polar research technology groups and is a co-founder of the Polar Technology Conference. He has built extreme-environment technology solutions, including polar instrumentation and field-tested hardware that operate at very low polar temperatures. He is actively involved with Silicon Valley Robotics and the Robotic Operating System Users Group, and enjoys building autonomous mobile robots for land and sea. Satish has mentored students in embedded systems design and development and embedded software at local San Francisco Bay Area universities.

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