David D. Squires

Vice President, Space Systems

Dave is a Hera Systems co-founder and serves as vice president of space systems. He leads the development of the company’s expert technical team, which is focused on providing rapid development of best-in-class, affordable and reliable spacecraft, payloads and infrastructure systems. Dave guides innovations in spacecraft, payloads, user products and mission operation systems and, applying his long experience with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and other small satellite projects, ensures that the systems meet requirements for performance, quality, reliability and safety – at reasonable cost.

Dave brings to Hera Systems more than 25 years of experience working on NASA contracts and serving as an independent consultant in the construction of leading-edge space systems. As a NASA contractor in 1991, he designed and built high-performance motion-control systems and experimental data systems for aerodynamic and physiological testing. In 1995, as the supervisor of the Instrumentation and Controls group of 32 engineers, Dave oversaw hundreds of projects in aerodynamics, airborne science payloads, biological payloads, laboratory systems and space shuttle payloads.

He also worked for such companies as Sverdrup Technology and Jacobs Technology, and has been a consultant to multiple NASA contractors – the most recent of which was the Millennium Engineering and Integration Company. In 2010, Dave established NanoSpace Systems LLC, through which he provided space systems consulting work for NASA missions and the University of Hawaii Space Flight Research Lab. Within the satellite industry, Dave has held a variety of systems engineering, risk management and project management roles for such projects as the Standard Interface Glove Box, GeneBox, GeneSat, PharmaSat, the Organism/Organic Exposure to Orbital Stresses (O/OREOS) nanosatellite, the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) project, the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer, HiakaSat, EcAMSat and a major social networking company’s communication satellite program.

Dave was instrumental in assisting NASA Ames Research Center to establish the 2nd Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle Integrated Vehicle Health Management systems engineering team, an annual $2 million project to pioneer optimal methods for managing the health and safety of reusable spacecraft.

He has co-authored, published and presented numerous papers and documents, including “The O/OREOS Mission – Astrobiology in Low Earth Orbit;” “Flight Results from the GeneSat-1 Biological Microsatellite Mission;” “A Methodology to Quantify Some IVHM Requirements During RLV Conceptual Design;” “A Phased Locked High Speed Real-Time Interferometry System for Large Amplitude Unsteady Flows;” and “Development of the Standard Interface Glovebox (SIGB) for use on Shuttle, MIR, and International Space Station.”

Dave has been recognized for his work with awards and honors such as the LCROSS Project Group Achievement Award for Successful Mission Implementation; the O/OREOS Mission Group Achievement Award; the PharmaSat Team for a Successful Launch; a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Achievement in design, procurement, fabrication, and installation of the 52 ft. Centrifuge Human Habitats; Outstanding Group Achievement Award for the Portable Linear Stimulator; Outstanding Group achievement Award for Standard Interface Glove Box; and NASA Ames Contractor Council Certificate of Excellence. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical and electronic engineering and a Bachelor of Music Education.

Having grown up on the San Francisco peninsula, Dave now resides in California’s central valley. In his spare time he is a novelist, is writing a do-it-yourself space systems engineering book, enjoys promoting engineering at Saint Mary’s High School career days, and is an occasional invited lecturer on the subject of small-satellite risk management at Santa Clara University.

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